Julianne (jazzykitten) wrote in projectrunway2,

dear fans.

I would only wear 3 things out of her collection. everything else I would give to Good Will.

I would wear 2 things from Santino's. his first and last dresses. they were gorgeous. I don't think he's body concious...unless he MEANT for the boobs to be like that...

there are only 3 things in Daniel V's collection that I WOULDN'T wear, and that's because I don't like the color and body wise, they're not flattering.

I got in a car accident yesterday so I was exausted and fell asleep during the commercial break after they all showed, and woke up this morning to find out that Chloe won. I'm pretty upset. I really liked hers the least, and I REALLY would like to have heared what that judges said about everyones so I would have a better understanding of why they chose her.

I honestly thought that Daniel V's was the most gorgeous and wearable. I'm looking at the first design he sent out, the white patterned jacket with the navy blue skirt, and I really hope that he'll have a line and I can BUY that skirt. I want it, it's incredible. I feel that way about his white coat as well. I WANT it. I don't feel that way about any other design, and especially none of Chloe's.

so can anyone sum up for me what the judges said please?
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